Money-back Guarantee

Certainly, a key feature to consider and it may vary from one hosting company to another.

These key features are quite good for evaluating a web host. It is always better to first test a site, ask some questions from support and then one should take any further decision.

User should keep in mind that few of the hosts offer refunds on the monthly fees only, NOT when it comes to the set-up fee.

The rip - off of Set-Up Fee

This is the fee of all the installation process.

One should look whether the concern host provides 1-month money back guarantee or not. Majority of hosts recover their damage via set up fee only. This is due to the reason that normally setup fees are non - refundable.

When one talks about a high priced hosting package or a dedicated server solution, the set up fee is generally going to be high.

But, when one talks about virtual or shared hosts the majority of them possess an automated setup process, which lead to the rebate from the overburden of set-up charges.

One should carefully verify whether the host delivers a reasonable excuse for the set up charges or not.

Will new host assist user to shift his/her site?

The above question is quite easy and simple as well. There are chances where one needs to move a large site from his/her existing web host. However this task is surely not easy as the server setups can differ a lot, which can cause failure to one’s script.

Problems may be with beginners also. For instance, one needs to shift his/her simple homepage. How sweet it will be, if someone is there to assist. Method of Designing a Website

If any of such contacts the concerned user should check with his/her web host quality and should give ratings accordingly.

So, go ahead and best of luck!!